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In addition to his work as a feature film director, Jason has directed a host of award-winning TV commercials. Malusi is passionate about film production, basketball and about the health and exercise industry.

Research shows you're more likely to succeed in this interactive, customised way, compared with mere self-study or book learning. In Septembershe was interviewed by Richard Quest in London as the series came to an end.

Melissa has spoken at many conferences and loves sharing her knowledge and passion for the marketing and digital industry in whatever way she can. Also journalists and freelance writers looking to add copywriting to their suite of corporate services.

If you, your team or your He boasts more than 30 local and international awards in advertising. You can cater to corporate organizations, events, and so on. Photography is now a booming business and if you planned well before starting, you can become successful in no time.

Yossi, an ardent collector and connoisseur of single malt whiskies and lives in Cape Town with his wife Igna and two sons, Daniel and Arnon.

He also conceived, wrote and directed the short film called "InnerCity", the story of a homeless man and a personal trainer. Social media and digital marketing training can put you on the forefront of all things digital and teach you how to start using the Internet in Nothing could be more detrimental to your website than having ineffective and poorly written content.

If you are well versed in sign language then you are setting yourself up for some mega bucks. She was creating social media campaigns before 'social media' was even a thing.

We know what people are searching for online and understand how to craft a message that will encourage visitors to take action.

You can also hire yourself out to corporate organizations by helping to translate corporate letters, books, and documents too. The good thing about this business is that you can offer your services to as much buildings as you can handle, since most jobs to be taken care of are usually contracted out to handymen.

What are your aims in life? Jason joined the Primedia Group where he was instrumental in driving Primedia's R1. An avid supporter of the digital media age, he has a vibrant online presence. Professional Organizer Most house owners do not have the time or energy to keep their houses free from clutter, and so they usually require the services of one who might be able to help them achieve this.

If you are good at baking cakes and pastries, you can run a bakery business. You would need to get a sewing machine, and might have to be an apprentice a while before you become your own boss, but even as an apprentice you can start making money for yourself. This will guarantee top-notch content that will go the extra mile towards elevating your online presence.

Consulting As digital marketing consultants, we can come and give you cutting-edge, relevant and most importantly — achievable — advice on what your business should be doing in order to promote your business online, network and build an online community.

Without solid, unique and expertly written content, the online part of your business will never experience the necessary growth required for an effective online presence.

President Zuma and South Africa through God’s eyes

And we only employ tutors who are actively working in their field and who want to spread their knowledge. A creative at heart, she is very passionate about ideas and storytelling. Handcraft Classes If you are good with your hands, this is a business you can go into, as you can teach others how to make crafts as well.

Musa's professional business experience spans over twelve years, and includes building a company from zero to R6,5 million in turnover, while working with foreign governments and multinational companies to create innovative digital monitoring products in both the FMCG and Banking industries.

Luvuyo is an ambassador to various organisations whose local and global impact holds true to his passion for youth and social re development; each making a profound impact by molding young leaders with intimate connections to their local communities while changing the global community for the better.

They want to convert an interest into a new career. The Internet is an extremely powerful and useful resource that companies can use to not only garner new consumers but also communicate and interact with their existing customers in a way the world has never experienced before.

If you love jewelries and have always wished to have your own jewelry line, then it is high time you start thinking of starting a jewelry business. Her latest novel Tribe will be released in September this year.

Who is this course for? Once you get one or two celebrities or big personalities and are successful, then you can be sure of attracting others. You would need to get a clown costume and also other materials that you might need and then tell people especially parents about your new business, and watch your business boom.

He has already done over a thousand voices in his eight year career.Spike Lee is an award-winning writer, director, actor, producer and author who revolutionised the role of black talent in cinema.

Widely regarded as a premiere African-American filmmaker, Lee is a forerunner in the 'do it yourself' school of independent film. Per Page Content Creation Every website needs content.

Content is the group of words that describe your Businesses. Content can include an introduction to your Company, an overview of your Business and what services/products you offer and so forth. Since South African companies have been extending their reach to other countries in Africa in ever-increasing numbers.

As a result, companies may need professional translation and interpreting services, as well as editing, voice-overs and transcription services. Professional Copywriter, Content Creation, and SEO Copywriting Services.

Freelance Copywriter in South Africa.


Distance learning courses, distance education, home-study courses, garden design courses, interior design, writing. South Africa has got many facts and figures that make it one of the best countries to do business with in the African continent.

Professional Freelance Copywriter

Which is why so many foreign brands have sprouted up and so many indigenous brands are going strong and becoming international brands.

Copywriting services south africa
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