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NNPC is filled with corrupt practice which hinder it function as result of its bad leaderships which has assumed a great dimensions in the business of NNPC. The personal behaviour approach believes that leaders behaviour and the style in which he relates to the other people, affects his effectiveness.

Instead, businesses should aim towards a more flexible process, whereas decision-making is shared. Most become extinct, victims of upstarts with brighter ideas, better management structures and fresher products.

Planning constitutes problem in the leadership of NNPC for the achievement of its organizational goals. If one part changes, other parts will become involved.

Data collection methods used was obtained through personal interviews conducted during the preliminary stages of the study. Controls are interim measurements, not the basis of managerial strategy.

Having said that, I see no reason why a company with this structure would not be able to tap into financial capital. In contrast, the more that lower-level empoyees provide input or actually make decisions, the more decentalization there is.

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This structure is very useful for multinational companies. The Yielding drive to accomplish assignment is a desirable and essential quality of a leader. There is less communication. The identification, examination and analysis of effective leadership as they operate in NNPC have led to our work.

Another aspect is that this study will offer a basis for tuture researcher who shall find and use this study as a reference material when analyzing other issues related to this.

This is fundamental to leadership. At Valve, by contrast, each person manages herself while teams operate on the basis of voluntarism, with collective activities regulated and coordinated spontaneously via the operations of the time allocation-based spontaneous order mechanism described above.

The change agent can be either external or internal to the organization. All is to achieve the production, distribution and the marketing of the products through out the country and out side the country.

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Effective Leadership as Tool For Achieving Organisational Goals

Such an organization may also be constrained because of the law of systems: The central issue in management leadership is achievement of organizational goals.

Unfreezing old ways can be inhibited in organizations because the climate makes employees feel that it is inappropriate to reveal true feelingseven though such revelations could be constructive.

Bob Aubrey [17] introduced KDIs Key Development Indicators to help organisations go beyond performance and align strategy, organisations and individuals and argued that fundamental challenges such as robotics, artificial intelligence and genetics prefigure a regeneration of the field.

Implementation puts the decision into action and involves communicating the decision, gathering support for and acquiring and assigning resources to ensure that it Organisational structure and leadership essay example carried out.

This approach assumes that decision-makers operate with bounded rationality rather than with the perfect rationality assumed by the rational approach. However, firms sees a threat to the Good Society because an inordinate success of one firm poses a threat to competition, the solvent of market or monopoly power that constantly undermines the invisible hand.

The foremost example of a company with self-managing teams is Valve Corporationwhich also has rotating, not permanent, team leaders - which Valve terms "group contributors", in recognition of the fact that contributing individually and leading at Valve form a spectrum, not a binary dichotomy.

Organizational development helps in making employees align with the vision of the organization encouraging employees to solve problems instead of avoiding them strengthening inter-personal trust, cooperation, and communication for the successful achievement of organizational goals encouraging every individual to participate in the process of planning, thus making them feel responsible for the implementation of the plan creating a work atmosphere in which employees are encouraged[ by whom?

Recruitment, contracting and pay agreements being set by the head of human resources and their team. A local authority is a good example of such organisations Each section leader holding delegation responsibilities to ensure that functions are carried out in accordance with the departmental head.

The intrinsic motivators are the individuals desire to do activities, regardless of whether it is a hobby or a work assignment. One possibility is that Valve will divide and multiply into a number of different Valve-like companies, as its talented employees leave for greener pastures and, possibly, with the intend of re-creating the horizontal management structure that they grew happily familiar with.

Link each of these interventions or strategies to relevant theories: Essay UK has provided these free resources to help you with your studies. Employees feel that their security and future has been threatened and battle line has been drawn. There exists only one-way communication. It involves making appropriate decisions and seeing that such decisions are embodiment in order and instructions in an away to ensure effective and efficient enterprise aimed at achieving predetermined goals of an organization.

Every of the above afore said department is like a sub system working under the system which is the NNPC. It is the activity of influencing people to strive willingly for group objectives.Effective Leadership as Tool For Achieving Organisational Goals (A Case Study Of N.N.P.C.) Effective Leadership is a topic of great concern to managers, employers, and the general leadership is essential to government, to business and to countless group and organizations that shapes the way which lives works and play.

Different Structure of Organisation and Culture Essay. A+. Pages:4 Words This is just a sample. and contrast different organisational structures and culture Here you need to briefly describe the different types of organisational structure, and what different types/formats of culture can be found in organisations, and then compare and.

Information on the different approaches to decision-making are given below: There are several approaches to decision-making which offer insight into the process by which managers arrive at their decisions. Rational approach is appealing as it is logical and economical. The other approach is the behavioural approach which attempts to.

For example, to distinguish the structure of Jaguar – an organisation chart could be used; however this is a very crude representation of the organisation and does not show how the organisation communicates or the flow of work, which may be crucially necessary for it to succeed.

Organisational Behaviour Assignme Essay. Dolly is happiest when she feels she belongs to the team where she is irking because she likes security & status - Organisational Behaviour Assignme Essay introduction.

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Organisational structure and leadership essay example
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