Pulp and paper terminology

Stiffness is one of the most important properties of paperboard as it affects the ability of cartons to run smoothly through the machine that erects, fills and closes them.

Chloracne is a skin condition marked by blackheads and pimples in people who are in contact with chlorinated chemical compounds, as cutting oils, paints, varnishes, and dioxin.

Ripe cherries are separated from under-ripe and over-ripe cherries by hand picking and by machine during processing. Can you except this challenge? The dried parchment of coffee cherry seeds are removed to expose the two sometimes one "coffee beans".

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This system is often used for small products of difficult shapes and sizes. No safe exposure levels have been found. The metric system of measurement for paper is used primarily throughout the world, with notable exceptions being the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Brightness is a technical term that is defined as the amount of blue-white light that a paper reflects. Monsooned Coffee deliberately exposed to moisture-laden monsoon winds in an open warehouse for about one year. This is a textured finish.

Antibody A protein substance produced in the blood or tissues in response to a specific antigen, such as a bacterium or a toxin.

Autoimmune Relating to an immune response by the body against one of its own tissues or types of cells often thought to be triggered by an external chemical exposure, such as, lead or mercury.

The finish is rougher than eggshell finishes but slightly smoother than those designated as extra bulk grades. Environmental Hormone are environmental agents that alter growth patterns in living organisms plants, animals, humans unnaturally.

The Story of Paper-Making, published by the J. Biodegradable Organic materials such as food and paper that are broken down by microorganisms into simple compounds such as carbon dioxide, water, or minerals.

Apparent Viscosity A characteristic of multi-component liquids that have a variable ratio of shear stress over shear rate variable viscosity depending on conditions.

The product is sealed to the board by a transparent plastics film. Automatic Packaging System Term applicable to any one of several available systems for open mouth and valve bag packaging where bags are automatically applied to filler spout, filled, weighed, closed if open mouthpalletized, and shrink wrapped.

KVW is a German company that, among other things, decaffeinates coffee beans.The fibrous nature of paper product and caustic nature of ink can cause extensive waer and corrosive issues.

Thermal spray coatings have developed ceramic, carbides and hard metal coatings for the protection of rolls and other paper converting equipments.

In re: Lisa Duncan’s query of 05/04/ I too am looking for more information about Van Gelder Zonen paper. I am a book conservator, and I am examining a book printed on Van Gelder Zonen paper, which has the same watermarks shown in Ms.

Duncan’s photos. Pulp & Paper Glossary Browse below the most comprehensive collection of technical and commercial terms used in the pulp, paper, printing, publishing, and related industries.

PaperIndex Glossary has definitions of more than 1, terms including some obscure and many popular & frequently-used terms. The two main rag fibres used in paper making are cotton and linen, rag paper consists of % rag fibre and the rest is chemical wood pulp.

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REAM A term denoting a number of sheets of paper ranging from tomost commonly Kraft paper - Paper made from kraft pulp—bleached or unbleached. It is a strong paper used principally for wrapping or packaging.

Handbook of Pulp & Paper Terminology: A Guide to Industrial and Technological Usage, Second Edition

It is a strong paper used principally for wrapping or packaging. Kraft pulp - The Kraft process is. ASTM's paper and packaging standards are instrumental in the evaluation and testing of the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of various pulp, paper, and paperboard materials that are processed primarily to make containers, shipping boxes and .

Pulp and paper terminology
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