The role of alithea in the wife a comedy by william wycherley

The actresses associated with each hero must also have tended to make the Horner plot more striking on the stage than the true-love plot. It is only after Alithea has been caught in a misleadingly compromising situation with Horner, and Sparkish has doubted her virtue while Harcourt has not, that she finally admits her love for Harcourt.

They may be schematised as Horner's impotence trick, the married life of Pinchwife and Margery, and the courtship of Harcourt and Alithea. Dialogue such as this made "china" a dirty word in common conversation, Wycherley later claimed. A final hair-raising threat of exposure comes in the last scene, through the well-meaning frankness of the young country wife Margery Pinchwife.

From its creation until the midth century, The Country Wife was subject to both aesthetic praise and moral outrage. The courtship of Harcourt and Alithea is a conventional love story without any direct source.

Pinchwife foolishly tells his wife what she is missing in town life—plays, dinners, parties, and dances—and so arouses her interest in all that he is attempting to keep from her for the sake of his honor.

Lady Fidget has already explained to her husband that Horner "knows china very well, and has himself very good, but will not let me see it lest I should beg some. He gives out the excuse that she has smallpox. Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick Both these types of reading have now fallen out of favour; there is little consensus about the meaning of The Country Wife, but its "notorious resistance to interpretation" [19] is having an invigorating rather than damping effect on academic interest.

When a party of women come to take his wife to the latest play, Pinchwife refuses to let her go or even to see the visitors. Thus Horner, as Canfield puts it, "represents not just class superiority, but that subset of class represented by the Town wits, a privileged minority that The movie Stage Beauty is loosely based on Kynaston's career.

Horner never becomes a reformed character but is assumed to go on reaping the fruits of his planted misinformation, past the last act and beyond. Squeamish are listening front stage and nodding in approval, failing to pick up the double meaning which is obvious to the audience.

The play was impossible equally to stage and to discuss, forgotten and obscure. A few moments later two other women arrive, much chagrined when they find Horner entertaining other visitors. Alithea sees the through the trick, but is unable to convince her soon-to-be-husband. The separate plots are interlinked but distinct, each projecting a sharply different mood.

The Country Wife Characters

However, Horner teaches her, and Margery cuts a swath through the complexities of London upper-class marriage and seduction without even noticing them.

The trick, to pretend impotence to be allowed where no complete man may go, is distantly based on the classic Roman comedy Eunuchus by Terence. When Pinchwife returns to his lodgings, his wife, tired of being kept locked in the house, asks her husband to let her go walking.

The Country Wife – review

This play was very popular, going through at least twenty editions, reaching the New York stage inand surviving in both London and New York into the twentieth century.

Pinchwife is let off the hook. The three of them go back and forth while the wedding hour approaches. Horner", which she knows from personal experience to be untrue, and is intent on saying so at the traditional end-of-the-play public gathering of the entire cast.

Since Harcourt is not a licensed parson, any wedding performed by him will not be valid and so the couple would not be legally married. During the visit all three discover that Horner enjoyed their favors, while each thinks he is hers alone. Plot overview and analysis written by an experienced literary critic.

But they keep quiet to maintain their own virtuous veneers. Pinchwife is a middle-aged man who has married a naive country girl in the hope that she will not know to cuckold him. This diagnostic trick, which invariably works perfectly, is one of The Country Wife's many running jokes at the expense of hypocritical upper-class women who are rakes at heart.

Edward Kynaston played female roles in the s.Wycherley’s racy prose dialogue creates an energetic and complex comedy of sex that combines cynicism, satire and farce.

The Country Wife was first performed in by the King’s Company at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane. The Country Wife is a Restoration comedy written in by William Wycherley. A product of the tolerant early Restoration period, the play reflects an aristocratic and anti- Puritan ideology, and was controversial for its sexual explicitness even in its own time.

William Wycherley's, The Country Wife, is a play reflective of a new era—the "Restoration"—which followed an eleven-year period of harsh Puritanical rule under Oliver Cromwell.

Restoration Literature

By the start of. Home Literary Criticism Restoration Literature Characteristics Comedy of Manners William Wycherley, The Country Wife () This is the beginning of Wycherley's The Country Wife, which is about a trickster (Horner) out to seduce as many married women as he can.

Yup. William Wycherley lived from toand wrote The Country Wife in The play belongs to the Restoration comedy tradition, meaning that it was riddled with sexuality and wit and was produced during the Restoration period, which lasted from to.

Wycherley presents two marriages that are sadly typical of the These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Country Wife by William Wycherly. Deception in The Country Wife and The Conscious Lovers; Role of Women in the Restoration Period; The Mythic Archetype of Don Juan in The Country Wife and.

The role of alithea in the wife a comedy by william wycherley
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